AutoMation Doors & Gates

Automatic Sliding Glass Doors and Gates

We, Panorama Technologies Middle East is a Well known supplier and distributor of various kinds of solutions for sliding, revolving glass doors, swinging gates and rotating glass doors with sensors in UAE. We Support installers, integrators with proper supply and support for the implementation of various products from automatic sliding gates and doors. Where ever and whatever be the requirement for automatic door and gate systems, we support for the full installation integrated with other automation systems. Your Doors and gates can be glass, Wooden or Steel, our automation motors have the capability of supporting for old, new or existing installations. Sensors and motors which we use can be also integrated with any access control machine, access control software, any third party automation and security Systems.

We have partnered with world class manufactures for all the solutions required for Sliding or revolving glass doors, automation motors, remote operated automatic gates, Garage and underground rolling shutters.

Sliding Door Systems:
Sliding Door Systems : our sliding glass doors with sensors and motors are space saving and is with elegant modern designs which will fit properly to your building architecture. We have sliding rals which is slim, robust and smoke proof. This type of doors are suitable for building entrances where it opens automatically when somebody arrives. Also can be operated by access control readers and software.

Circular / semi circular revolving glass doors:
We provide solutions for circular or semi circular revolving doors which are elegant and reliable fits in to modern business offices. Also which appropriate for heavy people traffic at entrances where it will rotate to give access to the area.

Folding type doors:
Fits best when access areas is limited, and need maximum area in width.

Sliding and rolling shutters for garage:
We do full automation of garage shutter and garage doors which can be operated either by any sensors or remotes, and are durable and robust in various adverse environmental conditions.

Automatic motorized gates for homes and offices:
convenient access gate solutions for homes, car parks ,buildings etc which can either be operated by sensors or remotes, also can be integrated with any other access control reader with long range RFID readers. Makes your home more smart and convenient.

Smart Management readers and software systems for gates and Sliding glass doors:
We provide a full advanced solution for managing any kind of sliding, rotating, smart gate installations. This is done by integrating with our intelligent readers with our centralized management software which gets reading from smart card readers or biometric readers. For example managing a gate through window based RFID stickers, sensors, Number plate recognitions systems, Loop detectors etc. We also give remote control based and push button based systems.

We are well experienced in providing various such sliding and smart gate solutions in UAE. What Ever your requirement for such systems and solutions, we are being a good supplier, are here to help you in UAE.

Arm Gate Barriers

Panorama Technologies offers a wide variety of Arm barrier gates & swing and slide gates operators for industrial, commercial and residential applications where protection/privacy, reserved space or traffic flow control is required . Security Barriers are the ideal solution, if you need to control vehicle transit in public parking areas, car parks, private and block of flats entrances, even when the traffic is heavy.

All of our automated vehicular gate barrier system options can be configured to work in many different scenarios and options depends on the requirement of specific clients . some of the technologies used in accessing the controlled and restricted areas through gate barrier are, smart Card Technology, biometric technology, remote opening, push buttons, long range RFID card reading technology.

For this we have partnered with leading brands like BFT Italy , which manufactures high quality barrier solutions.

In addition, most barrier gate and automatic gate openers can be fitted with solar panels or battery backup systems to ensure functionality during loss of electricity or blackouts. Such gate barriers usually are being operated with smart card RFID readers, remotes, long range RFID readers, Push buttons, loop detectors.

We also integrate our gate barrier system with other systems like , parking management systems, parking guidance systems, long range reading RFID card readers ,ticketing software, automatic vehicle access management software and number plate recognition software.

We have partnered with BFT Italy and Matrix India PVT Ltd for providing such solutions. BFT is one of the leading manufactures of lots of barriers and gate automation systems. BFT distinct in the market for their reliability and stability of their most advanced and innovative products.

Matrix India PVT Ltd is leading software company in india which has developed a comprehensive software for visitors management solution, access control solutions, time attendance solution, Vehicle access management software. Matrix has enriched their software with latest and advanced features with out compromising any security and hospitality concerns.

Such partnership with efficient and reliable world class vendors enabled us to provide vehicle or parking access management barrier solution more feature rich and popular in UAE.

So, are you looking for a most advanced solution for your vehicle access management solution?, do you want a false proof solution which makes your premise highly secured and safe?. We are here to help in much better way .let it be your requirement be most complicated and advanced, we are here to provide the solution for you at cost effective pricing.

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