Buss, Car, truck MDVR CCTV

(1) Real-time monitoring of the vehicle during transportation process.
3G + GPS vehicle DVS (Digital Video Server) enables real-time monitoring with more information. The vehicle dispatch terminal could real-time monitoring or casual inspect the status information of the vehicles anytime, the system will processing and storage the information automatically. Therefore, we could real-time acquaint with the state of the vehicle and operating environment, Meanwhile, it could help us to detect the environmental or man-made unusual issues, including illegal parking or carry passengers.

(2) Information search of transportation vehicles.
Could always check the release of highly toxic chemicals and dangerous goods list, toxic chemicals, production and transportation business information, involve toxic chemicals management laws and regulations. Can query the shipping company name, the name of the transport unit and transport routes, transport-related vehicles and transportation-related personnel, the name of the transport of highly toxic chemicals, the number of road transport permits and related expiration date.

(3) Emergency Response emergency
Including the scene of traffic control, the scene around the evacuation, emergency incidents and other related information can be sent in real time to monitor the command center to facilitate the timely processing of the accident.

(4) after the end of the transport of the information processing
After the vehicle arrives at the transport destination, check the vehicle can download video files and data logger via a wired / wireless network. Storing images and data can be printed, playback, allowing you to check the vehicle running track and system operation logs.

(5) effectively improve service, increase safety precautions
Between long-distance passenger travel from time to time will have some conflicts and disputes between passengers and drivers and passengers, leading companies often the subject of complaints, especially easily take someone else’s luggage and belongings when some passengers get off, because there is no strong evidence to solve not start, the company’s image has been greatly affected. After installing the video system, you can always stop for passengers over embezzlement passenger behavior, private money, etc. to form an effective control, while improving service quality.

(6) to improve safety, accident forensics
Coach long travel time, traffic and personnel complex, road blockers are more prone to security issues. Especially during the Spring Festival peak stealing, looting, abductions, lie many cases of malignant accident, the driver violations, there is a serious overload situation occurs. Through the network remote video monitoring and recording systems, passenger transport companies and administrations at any time through the 3G and 4G network remote video instant check whether the drivers are illegal and overloaded, while the video data can be evidence of crime criminals.

(7) effectively urge drivers to operate in strict accordance with regulations, and civilized driving and improve traffic safety.

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