Time attendance machines

Are you looking for a Time attendance system which can increase your efficiency and profitability?, Do you want to implement a proper biometric fingerprint scanning or palm vein reading or smart card reading time attendance machine with comprehensive attendance management software for tracking daily in and out attendance punching and recording of the daily attendances, leaves, overtime, shifts, total working time, and make Notifications on events and movements of your employees in a manner that can give you hundreds of reports to help you to increase your productivity?, then you are at the right place when you are with Panorama Technologies Middle East. PanoramaTech Cosec NGT seriesWe help companies, organizations Across UAE to implement a proper smart system for employee time attendance recording system in UAE. This is done by analyzing their current situation and proposing an appropriate workforce and labor time management solution. With our office located in Dubai but our services not limited to Dubai but extended to all the other parts of emirates including Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al khaimah, Fujairah, Umm al quwain, Al Ain etc, Covering these markets We assist our clients for tracking, recording and managing a proper working time and attendance records of the workers to generate hundreds of management reports like leave reports, absent reports, late reports, visitor reports, overtime reports, shift reports, Man power allocation reports, Man power costing reports, Job costing reports, etc.

Various time attendance punching devices and time clocking machines we provide include, biometric finger print reading attendance machines, RFID smart card reader based attendance systems, palm vein scanning punching machines. All these attendance machines are integrated with our special time attendance management software. Our attendance devices also supports POE connectivity, WIFI (Wireless attendance device), GPRS data transfer to transfer attendance data through mobile SIM cards without any internet connection and LAN connectivity.PanoramaTech PVR Palm Vein Reader series

We Also support solutions for more complex integration with existing ERP and workers payroll management software, Job costing software, human resource management software and complex shifts management systems, So while we provide simple stand alone low price and cheap priced cost effective Time attendance machines in UAE, We Also provide complex time attendance solutions for Multiple site reporting or remote site or branch attendance reporting to a centralized attendance reporting to main office location. Panorama Technologies Middle East has established as well known solution provider for Time Attendance in Dubai and UAE.

Our machines specifically Dubai And Abu Dhabi as rising as business capitals of the globe itself. Both moving ahead with aggressive growth in different business segments. Companies in a Growing economy will obviously will look for a solution in managing the work force and employees effectively and efficiently to overcome the competition. Such employee management is only possible if you have tailor made and reliable, featured employee time management systems in place. With our partnership with PanoramaTech security solutions, We provide advanced tailor made solution for time attendance systems in Dubai, UAE. PanoramaTech is a pioneer in the field of providing cutting edge solutions for time attendance solutions including hardware and software. Means a perfect cutting edge time attendance solution made specifically for local market of UAE.

When we mention tailor made, means, in light of massive constructions happenings around Dubai and Abu Dhabi, they require special time attendance reports for managing the sites, shifts, leaves, holidays etc. Such specific reports and integration is possible only when you have a flexible and tailor made solution for specific market requirement. with a long expertise in the local market of UAE, we have complied all the reporting time attendance requirement for the market . Another example could be, In UAE, Many companies require centralized attendance management of their branches, our software being a web based attendance software, We implement a stable solution for such requirement. Our Software also support android and ios mobile app for time attendance marking and management. Where you can mark and record the attendance through your smart mobile phones.

Some of the highlighted features for the market

Organization hierarchy : Every firm differs from each other in terms of structure and departments, sections, designations, grades, attendance and related policies. PanoramaTech centra software enable customers to create its own policies matching their requirements.

Entry and Exit modes : Entry and exit mode can be selected from the hardware device terminals depends on the situation which eliminated the need of separate exit readers.

Late in and early out policy : With cosec , users are able to monitor late in and out exit of employees according to the shifts. HR people can allocate these policies to each employee or a group of employees.

Over time policy and authorization : PanoramaTech centra cosec time attendance and access control software allows calculating overtimes on daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis and providing the options for rounding off reporting manager has the power to allow or deny the overtime allocated from the system itself

Compensation policy for extra works : Some organization offer leave compensation for extra work done, this can be calculated, obtained and notified to specific individuals. Some times it can be leave encashment policy

Absenteeism policy : HR can make multiple option for the policies for absents, like blocking of user after a certain numbers of leaves, notification to employers and employees

Shifts and schedules : Manual methods of calculating workforce allocation takes a lot of man hour and not and efficient and effective method. A chance is always there to happen human error. PanoramaTech Time attendance software enable to implement and automate complex shifts, shift schedules including break time, grace time, off days, repeat days to manage any organization any kind of staff allocation and departments.

Automated correction of shifts : When working with multiple shifts, there is a chance to employee come in different shift instead of his regular shifts. PanoramaTech allows the automatic correction and calculation such working time taking his punch details

Holiday and restricted holiday policy : organization working in multiple countries need leave and holiday policy according to local holidays. PanoramaTech offers 30 holiday group with each group with 32 holidays

Custom alerts : Cosec software can send custom alerts like customized SMS, E mails, latest news, change in rules, to specific users easily

When our software is so strong with all required configuration and specification, we also have high quality hardware which meets the hardware requirement of the market. Suppose when Fingerprint scanning is not working in a construction field, we have solution called palm vein reading technology, shortly called as PVR. Another Example could be when you don’t have internet at the sites you can still use of our biometric devices with Sim card GPRS support which transfer data to the attendance software. Also our fingerprint scanning machines are with highly sensitive sensors which captures fingerprint for attendance easily without any error

Many industries in UAE are looking for Mobile portable attendance machine, we have a biometric finger print machine which carry portably to the sites and mark the time attendance of the people, this biometric attendance device comes with battery back up. We have devices which support POE connectivity as well

Where ever high security requirement we have biometric devices which support Mifare cards, special smart cards, HID cards etc. Devices for attendance marking can be chosen according to your requirement. Whether it is biometric fingerprint scanning machine or palm vein reading machine, smart card readers or all together or devices with SIM cards and WIFI etc.

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