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If you want a false proof solution for managing your visitors and guests at the entrances of your offices and buildings using software and smart access cards, Then We can propose you a stable and comprehensive visitor management solution enabling you to get all the details of your visitors and guests like time of entry, time of exit, details of person, details and purpose of visits, frequency of visits .This is done using both visitor management software and smart access control visitor gates. This Solution can give hundreds of management reports to take key decisions on your visitors. Most organizations attract large number of visitors. These visitors include customers, suppliers, colleagues, maintenance staff, competitors, government officers, guests, friends, relatives and sometime completely unknown people. We need to stop some visitor at reception whereas some visitors should have access to specific areas, offices and loby in the building. Further, some visitors are for short duration, whereas others can stay for days or weeks. In addition, the security is expected to keep track of all the visitors and the equipment they carry. Any lapse can compromise security and safety of physical, intellectual and human assets. No wonder, managing visitors’ access is challenging for most organizations.

Key Advantages of using a proper visitor management system are, It help your premises and lobby more secured and safe, Easy and professional scheduled process for the business meetings. For this We have partnered as exclusive distributor and supplier for PanoramaTech Comsec India Pvt Ltd in the region. PanoramaTech Visitor Management is a module with PanoramaTech cosec centra software platform. It is designed for to meet the purpose of managing your visitors in a professional and systematic method without compromising security, hospitality or productivity. COSEC CENTRA Visitor Management (VMM) is a part of the comprehensive PanoramaTech COSEC access-control and time-attendance application suite and runs independently on the COSEC CENTRA.

PanoramaTech visitor management system is an effective solution for companies to manage their visitors, customers, guests etc. Visitors include customers, suppliers, colleagues, maintenance staff, competitors, government officers, guests, friends, relatives and sometime completely unknown people. Each company has its own rules and regulation for each visitor. Some visitors are allowed and restricted for some time and some zones. PanoramaTech visitor management system enables companies to make a lot of policies in managing visitors with visitor smart id cards and controlling their access, making your premise more secured and audited.

Other advantage of using PanoramaTech Visitor Management Software is, PanoramaTech access control software module is integrated with PanoramaTech visitor management system. This help to add higher value to users by enabling to get most advanced and omprehensive features. Same devices which we use for PanoramaTech access control system can be used for the visitor management application, incase client require Rfid card based, or biometric based visitor management system.

An Overview of Technological Advancement in the Development of Visitor Management System
Traditional way of managing visitors who come at the front desk of a building reception or lobby reception are done through visitor registration sheet. This is a manual process of visitor management. Manual process cannot be false proof solution. Security concerns are always at risk in such system, Also due to lack of proper documentation process, Management is not able to use such reports for any kind of decisions. Manual registration method of visitors takes a lot of time and ends up with errors as well. As a result of this and advancement of software technologies, a proper automated process of visitor management came to the market. Automatic visitor management system with both software and hardware give a detailed report on all the visitors and meetings in a building.

A full fledged and fully automated visitor management system comprises of both software and hardware. When software process all the detailed reports, hardware helps to capture credential and allow entry and exit through any gates. If a visitor provide an identity card or business card, the data in such identification cards can be captured through OCR devices and software and can be integrated to a visitor management software. Once a visitor credentials and details are entered, receptionist can allow him to enter through a gate or door using RFID smart card or biometric access technology. Biometric or RFID card readers can be the same readers which we use for any access control solutions. Where Door or gate can be an electromagnetic locked doors or flap barrier or turnstile gate, or revolving gates.

Many companies In UAE already started recording of visitor attendance and registration through such smart visitor management systems.

How PanoramaTech Cosec Solution Add Value to A Comprehensive Visitor Management System in UAE
Although many companies use visitor management software now days, most of them are not fully automated visitor management system and does not provide detailed report or integration with other security systems in an organization. PanoramaTech Security solutions which are well known in the market for its outstanding and feature rich access control software and hardware has also developed a fully tailor made solution for visitor management system for UAE and GCC market, from capturing to entire process and reporting.

PanoramaTech visitor management software provide solutions integrated with such PanoramaTech biometric or smart card reading time recording devices, resulted a fully automatic solution for visitor management systems.

PanoramaTech Centra enterprises software is developed and positioned as an enterprises resource planning software for such special and customized requirements for UAE market . An example of most frequent requirement rises in the market is the requirement for centralized reporting of multi sites, Multi doors, detailed daily, monthly reports of visitors, Integration with other Security systems, notifications on certain policies, notifications to managers on certain visitors etc. With PanoramaTech Centra software which has been developed after assessing a number of case studies from the market is able to cater and satisfy many clients in the middle east market.

With lots of distinct features. The solution is so enriched to meet all the visitor management system requirements of any organization. solution is designed basically keeping three main dimensions, means, user, Zone, Time, also where, when, and who access each restricted zone or door. In addition, a range blocked visitor, meeting scheduling, blacklisted visitors, guard tour, smart card based identification makes PanoramaTech solution false proof. PanoramaTech visitor management software works on centralized concept, where all devices are managed and controlled centralized through cosec software. All devices are LAN based devices with its own IP.

Types of Electronic Door/ Gate Which can be used for Managing Visitors And Guests in the office Lobbies
Smart Sliding Glass Flap barrier, Automatic Turnstile gate barrier systems are widely used as visitor, crowd, Guest managing system in big venues, stadiums, office lobbies, factories, commercial complexes, metro stations etc.

We Panorama Technologies Middle East UAE, Provide systems and solutions for managing the visitor and guest reception areas of such venues, making it a secured and place. We have alliances with mutil type vendors world wide to provide highly professional false proof solution for managing your visitors. For Example, With our partnerships with world class solution vendors like Ozak turkey and PanoramaTech India Ltd for providing such solutions. We cater high class visitor management solutions to our clients in UAE. Visitor management software integrated with biometric or RFID smart card readers which can be used with swing glass flap barrier gate, steel turnstiles, and Boom barrier, electro magnetic doors.

Shortly, We dominate in the market with both hardware and software solution integrated. Hardware comprises of visitor managing gates, doors and card or biometric readers, where as software can be a integrated version of access control and visitor management module. Our total visitor management solution with our most efficient access management software gives solution to generate reports of the people who accessed each section and floors of your premise. Means a proper system which can allow, restrict, prevent control unauthorized access in accessing your areas. We analyze the current situation and security threats of each clients and proposing them a proper access security solution depending on the requirement.

Visitor and Guest Managing Gates:
Wing Glass Flap Barrier Swing gates with swing glass flaps are a type of physical access security gates mainly used in the lobbies of an office building to control the people who enter and go out. This can be integrated with smart card readers like RFID card readers which on card swiping allows access to a particular visitor or Guests. This type of flap barriers are also used in metro stations for card swiping.

Turnstile Gates: Turnstile gates are mainly used to control a mass of people entering to a area, Entry or exit can be restricted through the use of biometric or smart card readers. Card punching records from the software can give specific entry and exit registration of the people at each doors and entrances.

Electro Magnetic Door lock Access solutions: To manage access control system with normal wooden or steel or glass doors use electromagnetic locks or electronic locks at doors, shortly we call EM locks. These type of locks unlock and lock the doors when they get a trigger from the smart card readers or biometric machines like finger or face detection devices once the authorized person is identified.

Visitor Pre-Registration:A host can pre-register his visitor online to save hassle and time during the visit. COSEC offers a pre-registration page on the ESS where the host can enter visitor details, including name, organization, date, time, purpose, etc. Security would know all the pre-registered visitors for the day and keep visitor passes ready saving precious time for everyone.
Easy-to-Use:Most organizations use security staff to manage visitors. Security staff change frequently and are not very computer savvy leading to training issues. COSEC Visitor Management is a desktop application with very user friendly GUI helping security person to learn and operate quickly.
Visitor Pass Creation:COSEC CENTRA Visitor Management offers options to create either an e-pass with access rights or a paper pass for a visitor. Security person can create customized visitor pass with visitor name, photograph, organization name, contact details and escort name. Visitor Management also maintain records of all the materials visitor is carrying and his ID-proof for security purpose.
Notifications:When a host pre-registers a visitor, PanoramaTech COSEC can send an SMS or email notification to the visitor with necessary details. This ensures quick checks-in process when he arrives at the security gate. COSEC also sends a notification to the host when the visitor check-in to the premises prompting him to prepare for the visit saving precious time for everyone.
Visitor Access:COSEC CENTRA Visitor Management allows enrolling visitor’s fingerprint or RF card to permit access to only selected areas where the visitor is scheduled to go. This prevents protection of valuable assets from snooping and prying eyes and ears.
Visitor Escort:Escorts are necessary for many high-security organizations like science and research laboratories, defense, intelligence and detective agencies, government offices, banks, finance and consultancy firms. COSEC CENTRA VMM offers option to select an escort for every visitor to accompany the visitor to his meeting place. In such cases, visitor is required to show his credential followed by user’s credential in a specified time period to allow entry.
Visitor Dashboard:COSEC CENTRA VMM offers security person live dashboard giving him a quick overview of all the visitors in a graphical format. It gives live data of visitors who are inside the premises, status of visitor passes, pre-registered visitors, new visitors, etc. For more detailed information, the security person can drill down by clicking on any item on his dashboard.
Frequent Visitors:Some regular visitors such as couriers, suppliers, customers and maintenance staff visit the organization regularly. COSEC VMM keeps records of all the visitors and allows security person to pull up visitor information from the past records and eliminate the need for data re-entry to prepare visitor pass quickly. This boosts security person’s productivity
Visitor Reports: Admin or security can generate various visitor reports such as visitor pass validity and status, visitor punch details, pre-registered visitors, visitor access denied, blocked visitors, expired passes, etc. These reports can be exported in various file formats including PDF, CSV, Excel, Word and RTF. Some of the visitor reports are:
– Head Count, History, Watch-List, Pass Validity, Pre-Registered Visitor, Pass Status, Visitor Punch Detail, Enrollment Status, Expired Passes
What Ever your requirement for Visitor management solution , we are here to help you out with proper Solution in managing your visitors and Guests.

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