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CCTV system

We provide all kinds of security CCTV cameras and over web cameras with full installation in very little time: Watch from anywhere with a variety of monitoring environments by sending images in both MPEG-4 and JPEG formats. The cameras will let you monitor the PC in the office, smartphone, or even the TV in a waiting room. Their PoE capability allows them to be installed in places where it is difficult to provide power such as near an entrance way or elevator, or even in a factory warehouse. Panorama Technologies can also be used outdoors to further expand its range of application. Using a network to resolve any limitations that exist, installing and also using conventional analogue cameras to greatly expand your business opportunities through Zero Distance Managements. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a set of video cameras and monitors...

iT Support & networking

Panorama Technologies IT Provides Networking Services & Solutions for your small business and home networks. Whether you are looking to add a new PC to your home network, or a whole new network for your office. Our Networking Experts are capable to plan, Design and keep your systems flawless and reliable. We provide all types of networking solutions such as Home or Office Networking, Wifi Extending, Wifi Security, Network Cabling, Broadband Setup as well as complete network deployment configuration and server solutions. Get Our Networking Services.

If you ask most business where they want to be in 5 years they will have a goal – in fact any company with a vision of growth and market domination must have a strategy. But many companies – especially SME’s don’t have an IT strategy.