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Buss, Car, truck MDVR CCTV

(1) Real-time monitoring of the vehicle during transportation process. 3G + GPS vehicle DVS (Digital Video Server) enables real-time monitoring with more information. The vehicle dispatch terminal could real-time monitoring or casual inspect the status information of the vehicles anytime, the system will processing and storage the information automatically. Therefore, we could real-time acquaint with the state of the vehicle and operating environment, Meanwhile, it could help us to detect the environmental or man-made unusual issues, including illegal parking or carry passengers.

(2) Information search of transportation vehicles. Could always check the release of highly toxic chemicals and dangerous goods list, toxic chemicals, production and transportation business information, involve toxic chemicals management laws and regulations. Can query the shipping company name, the name of the transport unit and transport routes, transport-related vehicles and transportation-related...

AutoMation Doors & Gates

Automatic Sliding Glass Doors and Gates

We, Panorama Technologies Middle East is a Well known supplier and distributor of various kinds of solutions for sliding, revolving glass doors, swinging gates and rotating glass doors with sensors in UAE. We Support installers, integrators with proper supply and support for the implementation of various products from automatic sliding gates and doors. Where ever and whatever be the requirement for automatic door and gate systems, we support for the full installation integrated with other automation systems. Your Doors and gates can be glass, Wooden or Steel, our automation motors have the capability of supporting for old, new or existing installations. Sensors and motors which we use can be also integrated with any access control machine, access control software, any third party automation and security Systems.