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Access Control System

Access Control System and Access Cards The Panorama Technologies Systems goes beyond traditional access control, enforcing business policy, allowing you to manage multiple access, licenses and competences for cardholders and ensuring your business’s duty of care and health & safety obligations are met.

Using CCTV can help to reduce crime and anti-social behavior, and in some cases prevent it altogether. Our camera systems have integrated motion detection and can record images of a high quality. The fear of being found out is a strong deterrent against opportunistic crime.

Access Control System An integrated access control solution allows you to: Get full control over where and when your staff, visitors and vehicles can move around your site at all times Manage business risk through policy enforcement Ensure the security of your physical and intellectual assets The Panorama Technologies...

Visitor Management Solution

If you want a false proof solution for managing your visitors and guests at the entrances of your offices and buildings using software and smart access cards, Then We can propose you a stable and comprehensive visitor management solution enabling you to get all the details of your visitors and guests like time of entry, time of exit, details of person, details and purpose of visits, frequency of visits .This is done using both visitor management software and smart access control visitor gates. This Solution can give hundreds of management reports to take key decisions on your visitors. Most organizations attract large number of visitors. These visitors include customers, suppliers, colleagues, maintenance staff, competitors, government officers, guests, friends, relatives and sometime completely unknown people. We need to stop some visitor at reception whereas...