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Telecom Solutions

Telecom Solutions and Integration in UAE What Panorama Technologies Provide as a Solution for IP PBX telephone systems in UAE

Are you looking for an IP PBX Telephone solution / PABX telecom system which can increase your efficiency and profitability?, Do you want to implement a cost effective IP telephone solution / Analog telephone system / Hybrid PBX systems for your daily telecommunication requirement to increase your productivity?, then you are at the right place when you are with Panorama Technologies . We help companies, organizations Across UAE to implement a proper system for IP PBX telephone solutions in UAE. This is done by analyzing their current situation and proposing an appropriate telecom system. With our office located in Dubai, but our services not limited to Dubai but extended to all the other parts...

Interactive Smart Boards and LCD Screens

We, Panorama Technologies offer a wide range of interactive white board innovation to latest technological requirements of the modern world, Large and small touch interactive LCD screens, Interactive smart white boards, overlays, interactive software, Large LED display screens for advertisements, Interactive video wall solutions Etc.

Smart white Boards / Touch Sensitive interactive LCD screens are a special type of interactive touch-sensitive screens that can be used to collaborate and communicate with students in the classroom, with faculty or staff in conference rooms, with colleagues over the Internet, or just about anywhere that has electricity and an outlet to plug in a Smart Board or Smart LCD screens. This also comes with collaborative and interactive software solutions .Market for Interactivity smart solutions are booming in UAE market. Especially in Dubai And Abu Dhabi....